Margarita From Argentina

Margarita is from Argentina; she’s so creative and so funny, so bold and so confident and
happens to be one of my greatest friends of all time. I haven’t seen her for three years now
and I miss her. She went back home to see her family and just felt that she missed them so
much that she was going to move back there. She had been living in my city, Bristol, with
me. We shared a flat and had been living together for five years. When she came home from
her vacation and told me that she was moving back to Argentina, I literally burst into tears.
Margarita was one of those people that just made everything ok. She had moved to Bristol
originally with an over-sees university program, fell in love with the city and decided to
continue her studies there-after. She had well completed her studies after she had decided
to return home but neither-the- less it was still a shock to us – us being our group of friends.

Even though three years have gone by, I still miss her like it was yesterday. She sends me
parcels every now and then! The last one was filled with all kinds of Argentinian delights and
my favorite shampoo Tea Tree oil Shampoo. She said she had found it in Argentina and
wanted me to compare it to the Uk brands and the US brands when I bought it next from
Amazon. We used to have this thing with borrowing each-others Tea Tree Shampoo. We
were both in love with it so we would run out pretty quickly and both laughed at the idea of
selling it online because we were so into it, we thought of starting up an online business.
That surpassed and we just bought it in bulk so we didn’t run out. We shared quirks like that.
I remember one night we both drunk eight bottles of wine between us and were hung over
all weekend. I actually found her in the bath hugging her bedroom pillow a half a bottle of
red! The pictures she shall never live down! We didn’t do those kinds of things very often.
She was a busy bee and as was I. I am an actress, a theatre actress and she is an
environmental lawyer – match made in heaven ey! I can’t even put into words how much
fun we had and how many stories we shared.
She has invited me to Argentina so many times, I actually got offered an international
travelling role for six weeks around South America – and where was the one place we didn’t
go – Argentina! I was so bummed. Margarita couldn’t take the time off work to meet me in
Peru so we missed each-other again. I have promised her though that Christmas 2018 is our
year. I have blocked it off in my calendar and I am refusing any Christmas plays. I told her I
am coming over as long as she promised to do Christmas with me the following year in
Bristol. She loosely promised me because she said who knows what’s going to happen in two
years, but we have a light agreement. Neither one of us are married and that’s our other
promise to each-other. If either one of us gets married then we have to be at the ceremony.
Margarita, I miss you!

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