Keeping Up

I have watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians since it first aired. In those early episodes, my sisters and I felt like we could really relate to them. It’s funny to even think about it now. The way they fought and how they spoke to one another were things we could really relate to. We compared my older sister to Kourtney, because Kourtney’s relationship with Scott and my sister had her life long boyfriend who would always hang out at our house. My little sister was Kim because my little sister wanted to be really famous one day. She probably still wants to be famous but not as famous as the Kardashian Klan. I was Khloe because she was the funny one and I’m the same way. Well anyway, we couldn’t be more unlike them now if we tried.

They are extremely entertaining. I can watch reruns all day. If only I had the time or a television. No one uses a television for live TV anyway these days. Most people don’t need to work their days around the shows they need to watch because they can just record it and skip the commercials.

Over the years, Keeping Up With The Kardashians has become a lot more scripted. The cameramen used to just show up with no need for a script or that much production, but now the family has shoot days and the producers put scenes in whatever order they want to. If they actually put the scenes in the correct order. A lot more things would make sense. Like why Kourtney showed up pissed off at her sisters home for no apparent reason.

Everyone knows why this family became famous. Kim Kardashian’s little sex tape with Ray Jay. The whole family knows it too. They all have their own fame now, but it all originated with Kim. The Kardashians also have a very famous father. Robert Kardashian was the lawyer in The OJ Simpson trial. A trial that he helped win. Robert Kardashian died at a very young age from cancer. His kids still talk about him like he was the best person in the world. I guess that’s how any child should see their father.

Their mother was married to the Olympian, Bruce Jenner. Today, she is known as Caitlyn Jenner. She came out as transgender on a Diane Sawyer special, and we got to watch the conversation she had with her children and stepchildren. It was a really intense episode. Some of the kids are still upset at her for how she went about it and how she treated their mother, Kris.

There’s a lot of drama that comes with this crazy family and their television series is st ill going strong. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be stopping anytime soon. Most of the girls now have children, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the little ones soon got their own spinoff. I see a future of a lot of Kardashians.

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