Back To Our Roots

Is going back to nature something so terrible? I mean, look at what the industrial revolution has done. Sure, it has given us a lot of good, but now that we have seen what it can do – and it took some time to evolve – we need to perhaps take a step back and return to our roots.

I am not saying we should abandon everything. I am saying we need to be considering other options when it comes to health, vitality, diet, and lifestyle. We are so busy with our screens and jobs and in some ways we seem to be in survival mode. By taking a step back and getting back into natural remedies, we are able to step out of survival mode in some ways, and go back to a different mindset.

A more holistic approach to health. This is something which the modern medical community is kind of missing, as a whole. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule and every situation. This is not some sort of absolute statement that I am making. Yet, I can’t help but think this is one way in which we can be a lot freer and more well-managed. When we look after ourselves and take care of ourselves with natural products, we are able to help our body/mind connection. And this needs to be addressed, because we don’t all want this survival mode way of life, this “quiet depseration” that is often spoken of in regards to modern man.

Consider essential oils. Think of how much more wholesom you can feel, and of how much positive energy you pull towards yourself, when you use olive and lavender oils on your skin or scalp. The way you groom yourself affects the way you live. The way you eat affects the way you live. The way you live affects the way you live. would you rather live toxicly or naturally?


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