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Routines, let’s talk about those things that allow us to function in the dizzying society we find ourselves living in currently. For me routines represent a continuity and manifesting of positive habits and that is the main reason I have focused on creating a morning routine for myself. This is something that doesn’t come easily to me and it helps that I include natural cosmetics and essential oils to the mix to make it a well-rounded endeavor. Pew studies have shown that only around 25% of the population adhere to a morning routine. This can be rather shocking at first but once you realize most aren’t using argan oil or tea tree oil you will calm down a bit. The focus is on min renewal and that is where the source of inspiration starts to bubble up. is a great place to go for reviews on all of your favorite products:

The first thing I do every morning when I rise is sit up and roar like a lion. There is a old proverb that talks about waking up with vigor. When you greet every day with enthusiasm you can start of the day on a positive foot that will really help throughout the rest of the day. I stare out the window no matter the weather and am thankful I have this day to achieve whatever it is I’d like. I then first thing grab a bottle of water and drink as much water as I can. This rehydrates my body and invigorates my mind. I do some quick stretches and then head out on a quick jog. This allows the blood to flow and lets me sweat a little. I bask in the sun and smile as I lightly and swiftly jog a quarter of a mile.

I then get home do some mild stretching and yoga and then enter into a meditation for 15 minutes or so. Once all that is ready and done I then take a shower. The key to a great shower is not always what you think. It isn’t about super warm water. In the morning this can make you tired and especially after you have heated up your body jogging you don’t want to make your body hotter. This means a cold shower. When I first started taking them it was extremely difficult and I would shriek and squirm. Now it is not big deal and the benefits are amazing. I feel more awake and my skin and hair feel softer and firmer. This is because the cold water constricts your muscles and skin. This lead to lactic acid being squeezed out of your muscles for faster recovery after workouts and also tighter skin and pores which prevent oil build-up.

I use a tea tree shampoo to keep my scalp and hair clear of dandruff and an argan conditioner to keep the moisture and softness in my hair. Once dry I like to apply a nice avocado oil to my hair I feel it keeps in straight and not frizzy throughout the day. You can find argan oil on

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