The Glock 19 Is Here To Stay

Do guns make us safer? There is certainly a feeling of safety when I am around them but is that just an illusion or is that mixture of polymer and steel and bullets actually allowing me to live a safer existence? Certainly if you were going to bring in annual death figures you would see that I would be more likely to die form a cheeseburger than a Glock 19 Gen 4 but nevertheless in the public discourse the apparent threat of a handgun is way more real than say heart disease. This is a matter of perspective and not entirely based on facts. The thing about the gun debate and the laws pertaining to carrying Glock 19’s and other guns is that it is an agenda driven fight. Big business has their hands in the government and has a way of persuading policy. The same goes with fast food and all the other ills of society. I am not against the ownership of guns. I have shot many pistols and shotguns in my life and have found the experience incredibly fun and exciting. I am however against the freedom and ease with which most people can purchase these guns.

If you look into the history o gun violence in the US you will see a trend towards people who are not mentally healthy and this dysfunction has led them to commit heinous crimes. This is what I take issue with. Why are these people allowed access to guns? If you will say that in some of the cases the perpetrators didn’t own the guns but took them from family members, I would counter that if someone is purchasing a gun a full screening should be done on them and their family members. If it is found that they live with unstable family members they have to sign something or make an agreement that they will keep the gun in a place that the demented person can’t find the weapon. I also believe that the people purchasing the Glock 19 should be screened mor thoroughly as well. No one is going to debate that a gun is a powerful tool that can be dangerous if mishandled. If this is the case we need to be a bit more vigilanet about in whose hands we allow these weapons to land.

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Other than that I am totally game with guns. I have me a Glock 19 Gen 4 which is by far my favorite gun. It is also a very popular gun within the firearm community. Check out articels on and you will see why so many people dig this gun. I have extensive knowledge of how this gun works and how to maintain it to the tee. Although it is written in our constitution that we have the right to bear arms this doesn’t mean you can abuse this right. Much like the first amendment you have the responsibility to be responsible with the power granted to you and if you don’t that right should be taken away. Simple as that.

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