The Glock 19 Gen 4

Jason Anderson was in some really serious danger of always being attacked by dangerous predators in the neighborhood. There were alot of attacks going on in their seriously dangerous inner city neighborhood of Metsville not to far outside of Newark, New Jersey. Now the neighborhood there wasn’t always like that though it wasn’t always super dangerous. This is why the Anderson family had moved to Metsville in the first place. Oh though things had changed. To protect himself Jason made a decision. He was going to by himself a glock 19 generation 4.

Now you have to understand Jason knew almost nothing about guns. He could only base getting a glock 19 generation 4 off of some reviews he read online about it and probably better yet some friends of his that had more info about if the glock 19 generation 4 ( was really the right firearm to defend a family of four living in a really seriously dangerous inner city neighborhood. So Jason turned to his good friend Ray Allanson. He figured Ray would have good idea if the glock 19 generation 4would bethe right weapon to defend his family. So he asked him straight up ” RAyis the glock 19 generation 4 a great weapon to use to defend our family or is it a bad idea?” ” I think you should get the glock 19 generation 4″ he said. ” It’s probablythe best idea especially in the dangerous neighborhood you may currently find yourself in. ” Okay” said Jason. He then realized he had one more question for Ray. ” Where do I buy myself a glock 19 generation 4?” ” Oh just go to the guns and roses store on the corner of the street outside of ours.” ” Oh that’s easy” said Jason. So Jason walked out the building and sure enough there was a gun store right next to the CVS that he hadn’t really paid attention to until right now. He was very happy though because it said in the window: We have glock 19 generation 4 firearms for you. This is great were the first thoughts that came to Jason’s mind so excited for this discovery. So Jason walked into the store. ” I’d like a glock 19 generation 4″ he told the guy at the register. ” You and everyone else in this town” the customer service type guy responded. ” Give me ten minutes and I’ll get you your glock 19 generation 4 from the back.” ” Okay” he responded. So Jason waited the ten minutes sure enough the customer service guy returned with a glock 19 generation 4 in a secure gun box. ” Thanks” said Jason. Jason then paid for the glock 19 generation 4. He then walked it back to his apartment and put the glock 19 generation 4 in a secure spot. The spot where Jason put the glock 19 generation 4 was well thought out and it was important that it was placed there for two main reasons. To be easily accessed by him and by his children.

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