The Best Soup

Let’s talk about how to make the perfect soup. There are different variations of soup. I’ll be the first to admit that not every soup tastes good. Some are better than others but generally speaking, there is one secret ingredient to every good soup. You need to make sure to add a good amount of salt in order for your soup to worth anything.

Some people can only drink soup in the winter. It’s a hearty, warm dish that can warm you up during those cold, winter months. I’m always surprised at just how filling some soups can be until I remind myself of exactly what goes into them. There are all different kinds of vegetables that you can put into your soup. My personal favorite is tomato soup but that doesn’t actually give you so much of a variety which is actually the beauty of the soup in and of itself. The fact that you can pretty much throw anything into a pot and then hand blend it is what makes soups such a versatile and easy meal. If you’re not sure where to begin with the perfect soup you should always start with a lentil base and go from there. Lentils provide your soup with a rich array of proteins as well as carbohydrates.

After I’ve soaked my lentils I’ll add in water and spices and let it boil. If I want to be particularly healthy then you could always add in some vegetables to give you an extra kick. This is what I usually do, which means that I’ll throw in some garlic, tomatoes and maybe even a sweet potato or two to give it an extra creamy texture. Some people will advise you to add cornstarch at this point but that’s really a personal preference on how thick you want your soup to be. I don’t like mine too thin so I usually add the cornstarch. If you want an extra top tip, then you should also try adding cornstarch into any dressings or sauces in order to get them to be really creamy. This is especially true if you’re making stir fry but that’s just my humble opinion.

Once your soup has boiled, you can start blending it. Personally, I like my soup to not have any remnants of bits in it, which means that I blend thoroughly for quite a while. This doesn’t always happen though because sometimes I’m in a real rush and just want to get some food in my stomach. In my opinion the worst soups are the ones that have big chunks in them or are too watery but that’s not a fact, it’s just how I handle textures. Chicken soup would be weird if it was blended so that’s an example of one soup which is better in a thinner form. You have to make sure to load it with chicken stock though if you really want to get that rich flavor.

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