Jump Start Your Fitness Routine

The best way to jump start your fitness routine is to admit your faults and shortcomings, and be realistic about that which you are trying to achieve. Why? Since this sets up higher aspirations and sets a lower bar – and this is a good thing. Some may say you should jump right into the deep end of the pool, but I disagree. I have seen enough people start something and crash, start something and procrastinate themselves to oblivion, start something and become too exhausted too soon. It takes a toll on you, change. It takes a lot for most human beings to adopt a new mode of being and behavior, and certainly takes a lot of effort to sustain such a thing. Which is why my primary piece of advice is to start with the simplest and easiest thing you can possibly think of. How easy? This is how! For the first week, you don’t even need to exercise. First, you need to start forming the habit of putting yourself in that position. In that mindset. In that willingness. For the first week or two, make yourself available. Dress up in your sweats, set everything up, and sit for a minute and reflect. Do that for a week. Take the time to talk to yourself (out loud is even better) about what it is you are doing and why. Notice the changes and thoughts which are moving through you. After a week or two of that, start by add a simple 5 to 10-minute beginner’s routine.

There are many of them on YouTube, for instance, and they can help you out. Do that for a few weeks, for a couple of months, or whatever it is – until it starts to bore you. That is your cue to add something new. But whenever you do, make sure it something which is doable, and that you are not jumping too high. Keep your eyes on the prize, but your feet on the ground. If you are looking for long-term success, it is the continued enhancement and embellishment of these micro-decisions which will all but guarantee your eventual success. Seeing something is not working? A certain action or exercise? Fall back to the former routine, without that recent addition – whatever it was – and see what you can do to improve. Perhaps try a different approach, all the while continuing your former routine.

Jump start may also not be the best way to put it depending on your current activity level. If you are very inactive you may not want to jump start your workout. You may want to opt for a slow roll into your fitness routine. Start out by doing a few pushups every day. Then graduate to a few more pushups, then maybe a brisk walk around the neighborhood. If the walk around the neighborhood has gotten easier then go ahead and start to jog a little. Work in slowly you don’t want to over do it and not be able to work out the next day. If you can do 5 pushups as your max. Don’t do five pushups do 2 or three. But do two or three everyday. Every couple weeks advance the number of pushups you do and you will gain a lot of strength. 

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