Jump Start Your Fitness Routine

The best way to jump start your fitness routine is to admit your faults and shortcomings, and be realistic about that which you are trying to achieve. Why? Since this sets up higher aspirations and sets a lower bar – and this is a good thing. Some may say you should jump right into the deep end of the pool, but I disagree. I have seen enough people start something and crash, start something and procrastinate themselves to oblivion, start something and become too exhausted too soon. It takes a toll on you, change. It takes a lot for most human beings to adopt a new mode of being and behavior, and certainly takes a lot of effort to sustain such a thing. Which is why my primary piece of advice is to start with the simplest and easiest thing you can possibly think of. How easy? This is how! For the first week, you don’t even need to exercise. First, you need to start forming the habit of putting yourself in that position. In that mindset. In that willingness. For the first week or two, make yourself available. Dress up in your sweats, set everything up, and sit for a minute and reflect. Do that for a week. Take the time to talk to yourself (out loud is even better) about what it is you are doing and why. Notice the changes and thoughts which are moving through you. After a week or two of that, start by add a simple 5 to 10-minute beginner’s routine.

There are many of them on YouTube, for instance, and they can help you out. Do that for a few weeks, for a couple of months, or whatever it is – until it starts to bore you. That is your cue to add something new. But whenever you do, make sure it something which is doable, and that you are not jumping too high. Keep your eyes on the prize, but your feet on the ground. If you are looking for long-term success, it is the continued enhancement and embellishment of these micro-decisions which will all but guarantee your eventual success. Seeing something is not working? A certain action or exercise? Fall back to the former routine, without that recent addition – whatever it was – and see what you can do to improve. Perhaps try a different approach, all the while continuing your former routine.

Jump start may also not be the best way to put it depending on your current activity level. If you are very inactive you may not want to jump start your workout. You may want to opt for a slow roll into your fitness routine. Start out by doing a few pushups every day. Then graduate to a few more pushups, then maybe a brisk walk around the neighborhood. If the walk around the neighborhood has gotten easier then go ahead and start to jog a little. Work in slowly you don’t want to over do it and not be able to work out the next day. If you can do 5 pushups as your max. Don’t do five pushups do 2 or three. But do two or three everyday. Every couple weeks advance the number of pushups you do and you will gain a lot of strength. 

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The Best Soup

Let’s talk about how to make the perfect soup. There are different variations of soup. I’ll be the first to admit that not every soup tastes good. Some are better than others but generally speaking, there is one secret ingredient to every good soup. You need to make sure to add a good amount of salt in order for your soup to worth anything.

Some people can only drink soup in the winter. It’s a hearty, warm dish that can warm you up during those cold, winter months. I’m always surprised at just how filling some soups can be until I remind myself of exactly what goes into them. There are all different kinds of vegetables that you can put into your soup. My personal favorite is tomato soup but that doesn’t actually give you so much of a variety which is actually the beauty of the soup in and of itself. The fact that you can pretty much throw anything into a pot and then hand blend it is what makes soups such a versatile and easy meal. If you’re not sure where to begin with the perfect soup you should always start with a lentil base and go from there. Lentils provide your soup with a rich array of proteins as well as carbohydrates.

After I’ve soaked my lentils I’ll add in water and spices and let it boil. If I want to be particularly healthy then you could always add in some vegetables to give you an extra kick. This is what I usually do, which means that I’ll throw in some garlic, tomatoes and maybe even a sweet potato or two to give it an extra creamy texture. Some people will advise you to add cornstarch at this point but that’s really a personal preference on how thick you want your soup to be. I don’t like mine too thin so I usually add the cornstarch. If you want an extra top tip, then you should also try adding cornstarch into any dressings or sauces in order to get them to be really creamy. This is especially true if you’re making stir fry but that’s just my humble opinion.

Once your soup has boiled, you can start blending it. Personally, I like my soup to not have any remnants of bits in it, which means that I blend thoroughly for quite a while. This doesn’t always happen though because sometimes I’m in a real rush and just want to get some food in my stomach. In my opinion the worst soups are the ones that have big chunks in them or are too watery but that’s not a fact, it’s just how I handle textures. Chicken soup would be weird if it was blended so that’s an example of one soup which is better in a thinner form. You have to make sure to load it with chicken stock though if you really want to get that rich flavor.

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Keeping Up

I have watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians since it first aired. In those early episodes, my sisters and I felt like we could really relate to them. It’s funny to even think about it now. The way they fought and how they spoke to one another were things we could really relate to. We compared my older sister to Kourtney, because Kourtney’s relationship with Scott and my sister had her life long boyfriend who would always hang out at our house. My little sister was Kim because my little sister wanted to be really famous one day. She probably still wants to be famous but not as famous as the Kardashian Klan. I was Khloe because she was the funny one and I’m the same way. Well anyway, we couldn’t be more unlike them now if we tried.

They are extremely entertaining. I can watch reruns all day. If only I had the time or a television. No one uses a television for live TV anyway these days. Most people don’t need to work their days around the shows they need to watch because they can just record it and skip the commercials.

Over the years, Keeping Up With The Kardashians has become a lot more scripted. The cameramen used to just show up with no need for a script or that much production, but now the family has shoot days and the producers put scenes in whatever order they want to. If they actually put the scenes in the correct order. A lot more things would make sense. Like why Kourtney showed up pissed off at her sisters home for no apparent reason.

Everyone knows why this family became famous. Kim Kardashian’s little sex tape with Ray Jay. The whole family knows it too. They all have their own fame now, but it all originated with Kim. The Kardashians also have a very famous father. Robert Kardashian was the lawyer in The OJ Simpson trial. A trial that he helped win. Robert Kardashian died at a very young age from cancer. His kids still talk about him like he was the best person in the world. I guess that’s how any child should see their father.

Their mother was married to the Olympian, Bruce Jenner. Today, she is known as Caitlyn Jenner. She came out as transgender on a Diane Sawyer special, and we got to watch the conversation she had with her children and stepchildren. It was a really intense episode. Some of the kids are still upset at her for how she went about it and how she treated their mother, Kris.

There’s a lot of drama that comes with this crazy family and their television series is st ill going strong. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be stopping anytime soon. Most of the girls now have children, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the little ones soon got their own spinoff. I see a future of a lot of Kardashians.

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Pink Floyd

Okay, let’s discuss Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon for a bit. Is it worth all of the praise and attention it receives? In my opinion – definitely yes. From the first time I heard that slide guitar enter the mix, my heart and soul were hooked independently on this record. When I was a teen I got a taste of Floyd through my older brother, who played guitar. Still does.


He introduced me to a lot of good music, which I later on came to appreciate on its own, without having to do with his guitar playing. This album is one of those that pull me close like no other. There is so much significance and substance in the music, the lyrics, the effects. And let’s not forget Clare Torry’s amazing wailing and screaming in the track The Great Gig in the Sky. It is said that after she left the recording booth, she had no idea if they would use her vocal track. She was sure it “wouldn’t see the light of day”, and she thought the band didn’t like her session. She figured they weren’t into it, and that her takes will not be used. Later on, she passed by a record shop which was advertising Floyd’s new album, and she went in there and bought it. Later still, in 2004, she was awarded a settlement after suing Floyd for co-writing rights to the song. There is some controversy over that, since it is Wright’s chord progression which forms the backbone of the tune. But no one can deny Torry brings a unique quality to the track, and that it would have not been the same without her. Some say “bah, any woman could have belted that out!”, but I don’t think so. I think that Torry’s screams and wails are out of this world, and I remember listening to them for the first time and being utterly blown away.


Dark Side is one of those albums which defines an era, and to some extent a band. No single track or album could define Pink Floyd, but this is an album which stands out among their best. It is an album that even those who don’t really care for Pink Floyd can vibe with. There are so many lyrical and musical gems. 1973 was quite a year, and DSotM was part of what made that decade so very special.

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Margarita From Argentina

Margarita is from Argentina; she’s so creative and so funny, so bold and so confident and
happens to be one of my greatest friends of all time. I haven’t seen her for three years now
and I miss her. She went back home to see her family and just felt that she missed them so
much that she was going to move back there. She had been living in my city, Bristol, with
me. We shared a flat and had been living together for five years. When she came home from
her vacation and told me that she was moving back to Argentina, I literally burst into tears.
Margarita was one of those people that just made everything ok. She had moved to Bristol
originally with an over-sees university program, fell in love with the city and decided to
continue her studies there-after. She had well completed her studies after she had decided
to return home but neither-the- less it was still a shock to us – us being our group of friends.

Even though three years have gone by, I still miss her like it was yesterday. She sends me
parcels every now and then! The last one was filled with all kinds of Argentinian delights and
my favorite shampoo Tea Tree oil Shampoo. She said she had found it in Argentina and
wanted me to compare it to the Uk brands and the US brands when I bought it next from
Amazon. We used to have this thing with borrowing each-others Tea Tree Shampoo. We
were both in love with it so we would run out pretty quickly and both laughed at the idea of
selling it online because we were so into it, we thought of starting up an online business.
That surpassed and we just bought it in bulk so we didn’t run out. We shared quirks like that.
I remember one night we both drunk eight bottles of wine between us and were hung over
all weekend. I actually found her in the bath hugging her bedroom pillow a half a bottle of
red! The pictures she shall never live down! We didn’t do those kinds of things very often.
She was a busy bee and as was I. I am an actress, a theatre actress and she is an
environmental lawyer – match made in heaven ey! I can’t even put into words how much
fun we had and how many stories we shared.
She has invited me to Argentina so many times, I actually got offered an international
travelling role for six weeks around South America – and where was the one place we didn’t
go – Argentina! I was so bummed. Margarita couldn’t take the time off work to meet me in
Peru so we missed each-other again. I have promised her though that Christmas 2018 is our
year. I have blocked it off in my calendar and I am refusing any Christmas plays. I told her I
am coming over as long as she promised to do Christmas with me the following year in
Bristol. She loosely promised me because she said who knows what’s going to happen in two
years, but we have a light agreement. Neither one of us are married and that’s our other
promise to each-other. If either one of us gets married then we have to be at the ceremony.
Margarita, I miss you!

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Back To Our Roots

Is going back to nature something so terrible? I mean, look at what the industrial revolution has done. Sure, it has given us a lot of good, but now that we have seen what it can do – and it took some time to evolve – we need to perhaps take a step back and return to our roots.

I am not saying we should abandon everything. I am saying we need to be considering other options when it comes to health, vitality, diet, and lifestyle. We are so busy with our screens and jobs and in some ways we seem to be in survival mode. By taking a step back and getting back into natural remedies, we are able to step out of survival mode in some ways, and go back to a different mindset.

A more holistic approach to health. This is something which the modern medical community is kind of missing, as a whole. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule and every situation. This is not some sort of absolute statement that I am making. Yet, I can’t help but think this is one way in which we can be a lot freer and more well-managed. When we look after ourselves and take care of ourselves with natural products, we are able to help our body/mind connection. And this needs to be addressed, because we don’t all want this survival mode way of life, this “quiet depseration” that is often spoken of in regards to modern man.

Consider essential oils. Think of how much more wholesom you can feel, and of how much positive energy you pull towards yourself, when you use olive and lavender oils on your skin or scalp. The way you groom yourself affects the way you live. The way you eat affects the way you live. The way you live affects the way you live. would you rather live toxicly or naturally?


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Argan Oil Is Healthy

Routines, let’s talk about those things that allow us to function in the dizzying society we find ourselves living in currently. For me routines represent a continuity and manifesting of positive habits and that is the main reason I have focused on creating a morning routine for myself. This is something that doesn’t come easily to me and it helps that I include natural cosmetics and essential oils to the mix to make it a well-rounded endeavor. Pew studies have shown that only around 25% of the population adhere to a morning routine. This can be rather shocking at first but once you realize most aren’t using argan oil or tea tree oil you will calm down a bit. The focus is on min renewal and that is where the source of inspiration starts to bubble up.

Mapleholistics.com is a great place to go for reviews on all of your favorite products:

The first thing I do every morning when I rise is sit up and roar like a lion. There is a old proverb that talks about waking up with vigor. When you greet every day with enthusiasm you can start of the day on a positive foot that will really help throughout the rest of the day. I stare out the window no matter the weather and am thankful I have this day to achieve whatever it is I’d like. I then first thing grab a bottle of water and drink as much water as I can. This rehydrates my body and invigorates my mind. I do some quick stretches and then head out on a quick jog. This allows the blood to flow and lets me sweat a little. I bask in the sun and smile as I lightly and swiftly jog a quarter of a mile.

I then get home do some mild stretching and yoga and then enter into a meditation for 15 minutes or so. Once all that is ready and done I then take a shower. The key to a great shower is not always what you think. It isn’t about super warm water. In the morning this can make you tired and especially after you have heated up your body jogging you don’t want to make your body hotter. This means a cold shower. When I first started taking them it was extremely difficult and I would shriek and squirm. Now it is not big deal and the benefits are amazing. I feel more awake and my skin and hair feel softer and firmer. This is because the cold water constricts your muscles and skin. This lead to lactic acid being squeezed out of your muscles for faster recovery after workouts and also tighter skin and pores which prevent oil build-up.

I use a tea tree shampoo to keep my scalp and hair clear of dandruff and an argan conditioner to keep the moisture and softness in my hair. Once dry I like to apply a nice avocado oil to my hair I feel it keeps in straight and not frizzy throughout the day. You can find argan oil on mapleholistics.com.

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The Glock 19 Is Here To Stay

Do guns make us safer? There is certainly a feeling of safety when I am around them but is that just an illusion or is that mixture of polymer and steel and bullets actually allowing me to live a safer existence? Certainly if you were going to bring in annual death figures you would see that I would be more likely to die form a cheeseburger than a Glock 19 Gen 4 but nevertheless in the public discourse the apparent threat of a handgun is way more real than say heart disease. This is a matter of perspective and not entirely based on facts. The thing about the gun debate and the laws pertaining to carrying Glock 19’s and other guns is that it is an agenda driven fight. Big business has their hands in the government and has a way of persuading policy. The same goes with fast food and all the other ills of society. I am not against the ownership of guns. I have shot many pistols and shotguns in my life and have found the experience incredibly fun and exciting. I am however against the freedom and ease with which most people can purchase these guns.

If you look into the history o gun violence in the US you will see a trend towards people who are not mentally healthy and this dysfunction has led them to commit heinous crimes. This is what I take issue with. Why are these people allowed access to guns? If you will say that in some of the cases the perpetrators didn’t own the guns but took them from family members, I would counter that if someone is purchasing a gun a full screening should be done on them and their family members. If it is found that they live with unstable family members they have to sign something or make an agreement that they will keep the gun in a place that the demented person can’t find the weapon. I also believe that the people purchasing the Glock 19 should be screened mor thoroughly as well. No one is going to debate that a gun is a powerful tool that can be dangerous if mishandled. If this is the case we need to be a bit more vigilanet about in whose hands we allow these weapons to land.

Checkout Gunivore.com for amazing articles on all of your favorite guns:

Other than that I am totally game with guns. I have me a Glock 19 Gen 4 which is by far my favorite gun. It is also a very popular gun within the firearm community. Check out articels on Gunivore.com and you will see why so many people dig this gun. I have extensive knowledge of how this gun works and how to maintain it to the tee. Although it is written in our constitution that we have the right to bear arms this doesn’t mean you can abuse this right. Much like the first amendment you have the responsibility to be responsible with the power granted to you and if you don’t that right should be taken away. Simple as that.

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Taking Care Of My Hair In Space

If a space ship came down from space and asked me what were the best ways to take care of hair I would say so many things and that I would love to sit down and talk about the topic while drinking tea or coffee. I think they would be confused because they are aliens but hair care is a universal problem that spans galaxies. I don’t want to left with dry hair anywhere including deep space so here I would like to talk about my favorite hair products in hopes that if that day comes we all can have what to tell the alien visitors.

Essential oils would be a great starting point. These are the universal oils of beauty care and that would be the reason I would bring them up first. Essential oils have a way of curing what ails you with class. Take teat tree oil for instance this natural oil smells great and it also works fast to eliminate fungus. This makes it ideal for those that are suffering from dandruff and flaky scalp. It will clean your scalp leaving you virtually flake-less. It also can be used on your athlete’s foot but we are focusing on hair in this article. Then I would send you to lavender oil, the natural soother. I f you have never smelled I use it straight in my hair after a shower and it leaves it smelling fresher than brand soap. I also love peppermint oil. Peppermint oil smells like mint gum. I think that is where they may get it from but it also works as an anti-inflammatory. SO when you use it on your itchy scalp it will soothe the itch and even leave you with a refreshing tingle on your head. Finally we have argan oil. This oil doesn’t have a powerful smell but it does have a powerful ability to soften even the driest and hardest hair issues. I tend to rub it straight into my hair. All these oils can be used plain or mixed in with your lotions or soaps. I do a mixture of both.

Another thing I think the aliens would enjoy is purple shampoo. This shampoo comes purple colored and there is a great reason for that because purple and blond/yellow are complimentary colors on the color wheel so they can cancel each other out which is what purple shampoo (reviewed by Maple Holistics) does. It cancels out brassy yellow tones and leaves your hair bright blond and beautiful. I am sure if there are any blond aliens they will appreciate this shampoo. If you want to learn more about it there are many blogs you can read that will explain it a lot better than I can.

Lastly I would convey the importance of constant brushing. Much like our teeth our hair needs to be brushed to get rid of dead hair and dirt. This and only this can ensure a head of healthy beautiful hair. Now we are all prepared to talk to some aliens about hair care.

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The Glock 19 Gen 4

Jason Anderson was in some really serious danger of always being attacked by dangerous predators in the neighborhood. There were alot of attacks going on in their seriously dangerous inner city neighborhood of Metsville not to far outside of Newark, New Jersey. Now the neighborhood there wasn’t always like that though it wasn’t always super dangerous. This is why the Anderson family had moved to Metsville in the first place. Oh though things had changed. To protect himself Jason made a decision. He was going to by himself a glock 19 generation 4.

Now you have to understand Jason knew almost nothing about guns. He could only base getting a glock 19 generation 4 off of some reviews he read online about it and probably better yet some friends of his that had more info about if the glock 19 generation 4 (Gunivore.com) was really the right firearm to defend a family of four living in a really seriously dangerous inner city neighborhood. So Jason turned to his good friend Ray Allanson. He figured Ray would have good idea if the glock 19 generation 4would bethe right weapon to defend his family. So he asked him straight up ” RAyis the glock 19 generation 4 a great weapon to use to defend our family or is it a bad idea?” ” I think you should get the glock 19 generation 4″ he said. ” It’s probablythe best idea especially in the dangerous neighborhood you may currently find yourself in. ” Okay” said Jason. He then realized he had one more question for Ray. ” Where do I buy myself a glock 19 generation 4?” ” Oh just go to the guns and roses store on the corner of the street outside of ours.” ” Oh that’s easy” said Jason. So Jason walked out the building and sure enough there was a gun store right next to the CVS that he hadn’t really paid attention to until right now. He was very happy though because it said in the window: We have glock 19 generation 4 firearms for you. This is great were the first thoughts that came to Jason’s mind so excited for this discovery. So Jason walked into the store. ” I’d like a glock 19 generation 4″ he told the guy at the register. ” You and everyone else in this town” the customer service type guy responded. ” Give me ten minutes and I’ll get you your glock 19 generation 4 from the back.” ” Okay” he responded. So Jason waited the ten minutes sure enough the customer service guy returned with a glock 19 generation 4 in a secure gun box. ” Thanks” said Jason. Jason then paid for the glock 19 generation 4. He then walked it back to his apartment and put the glock 19 generation 4 in a secure spot. The spot where Jason put the glock 19 generation 4 was well thought out and it was important that it was placed there for two main reasons. To be easily accessed by him and by his children.

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